Assuming the position

Eggs Benedict celebrated mass yesterday with his back turned to the congregation, something that hasn’t been done since the Second Vatican Council. It might not be that user-friendly in the traditional catholic sense, but hey! it can’t be the first time he’s been bent over a table with his public behind him.

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3 Responses to Assuming the position

  1. David Isaak says:

    Oh, my, I just snorted wine all over my keyboard.Bless you, my child.

  2. Kay Sexton says:

    Ha! My tea wen the same way as david’s wine.

  3. Kay, I seem to remember you wasted a perfectly good gin and tonic (or was it vodka?) in a similar fashion not that long ago. This must stop.From now on, I suggest you both free yourself of all beverages – hot or cold – before reading, because this Ratzinger business is going to run and run….

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