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Monkey business

This is the small gold monkey I gave Giuseppe for his 50th birthday. He doesn’t normally wear gold – he prefers silver – but the monkey comes from the same people (Pomellato) as a similarly minute camel (they’re more or … Continue reading

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Was Jesus gay? little something Alberto Ruggin’s local priest might enjoy. Or Ted Haggard. Or Larry Craig. Or Archbishop Arsehole of Nigeria. Or Eggs Benedict. Or just about anyone, in one way or another. And if you’d like to know more about … Continue reading

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Bored Sea Captain Secretly Marries….

For the full story, click here. My thanks, as ever, to the Onion (and Pierre et Gilles).

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Noblesse oblige

One of Italy’s longest standing jokes, the ex ‘royal’ family Savoia, hits the front page again today. No, Vittorio Emanuele, the pudding-faced capo famiglia, hasn’t tried to hire a few hookers for one of his ‘business dinners’; he hasn’t peppered … Continue reading

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Ciao Darwin, Addio Alberto

Just when you thought the catholic church and I had agreed,amicably, to differ and go our separate ways, news arrives of a local priest, Don Paolino (Little Paul), who has expelled one of his choristers from the choir and excluded … Continue reading

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All English speakers of Italian will know how useful the little word magari can be. It expresses regret or longing, irritation or delight, according to tone and context. Whatever it means, it means it more effectively than any single English … Continue reading

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For I will consider my cat…. (Tilly)

For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry.For he is the servant of the Living God duly and daily serving him.For at the first glance of the glory of God in the East he worships in his way.For this is done … Continue reading

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Homoeophobia? Common sense

This shouldn’t need doing again, but just in case you still think homoeopathy might have something in it, read this fine new article by Ben Goldacre from today’s Guardian. As long as you’re popping a pill that contains no trace … Continue reading

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Giuseppe Mallia: Arum lilies

Something for the eye. It hangs in our living room, over a roughly-made probably Yugoslavian pale blue cupboard with very grand fluted columns on each side, and is partially concealed by bottles, an unused oil lamp we bought in Thessaloniki … Continue reading

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Pip-pipped at the post

Publishing news. Picador has decided to scrap the traditional first-hardback-then-paperback process for literary fiction and to bring out almost all its novels in paperback editions from the outset, producing only a limited run of luxury hardbacks for collectors. The first … Continue reading

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