Music: Dolly Parton et al.

Have you ever combined two ingredients you’re slightly iffy about and produced something rather wonderful? No, neither have I. I’d started to wonder if it was possible.

Until I heard Dolly Parton’s version of Stairway to Heaven.

You can listen to it here. (Along with some other songs I like. I know, I’ve just discovered this neat little playlist thing and I think it’s fabulous, but I’ll get bored soon enough.)

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2 Responses to Music: Dolly Parton et al.

  1. Tyla says:

    That’s a bit how I look at relationships…Combining two superb ingredients does not always a perfect match make…You just cannot put garlic in the chocolate chip cookies. Or saffron in the enchiladas. Experimenting can be fun and little dangerous…even if it does end in heartbreak.

  2. Maybe not garlic, but chilli pepper and chocolate is pretty good.Who was it said: Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

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