Lies, lies, lies

Leaks from a police investigation into the suspicious bankruptcy of a polling company employed by former PM, Tony Blair, have uncovered evidence that the information broadcast by both the BBC and independent television was deliberately manipulated to present the prime minister and his government in the best possible light. Throughout his period in office, on a daily basis, those responsible for what was seen and heard on five out of the six national news programmes put their heads together and decided what to emphasise, what to spin and what to conceal. Lies were told and facts omitted. Thanks to Blair’s financial control over the commercial networks, and his political control over the public ones, this was a mug’s game.

Shocked? You should be. Except that it wasn’t Tony Blair, the BBC and commercial TV. He never had the chance. It was Berlusconi, the RAI and Mediaset, which belongs to Berlusconi. Still shocked? You still should be. Berlusconi is. He’s called the Repubblica journalists who published the story a couple of days ago ‘jackals’ and accused them of trying to interfere with the process of electoral reform. Next thing you know, we’ll be told the RAI is now in the hands of the communists.

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