I have a thing about camels. I love their stoicism and superciliousness, as though their hump or humps contained not only life-maintaining fat but also life-enhancing forbearance. I have a small gold camel round my neck; I stroke it often, for inspiration. There are days, I admit it, when I aspire to camelhood.

So, I’m amused but also slightly hurt, to see that someone very important in Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa (remember: short for fatuous waffle) against camel beauty contests. On the grounds that the camels, when asked what they most want, say “World peace”?

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3 Responses to Camels

  1. tyla says:

    I am so ashamed to tell you this, Charles…I actually ate camel when I lived in Afghanistan. I was 10 years old…I didn’t know….Don’t ask me how it was, please.

  2. Erin O'Brien says:

    Mr. Lambert, This post just keeps giving and giving. Loving camels. Camel aspirations. Camel beauty. Commenting camels. Eating camels.Thank you. Thank you for all of it.Ms. Erin O’Brien

  3. Tyla, the important thing is that the rest of the camel wasn’t still alive while you ate it. People who’ve read The Alexandria Quartet will bear me out that one way of keeping camel meat fresh is to not slaughter the animal, just hack chunks off as required. There’s a parable here about democracy…And thank you, Ms Erin O’Brien.

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