Good riddance to…

…Don Oreste Benzi, the smarmy sanctimonious little twat priest who took it upon himself to conduct funeral services for foetuses, said that scantily-dressed women had only themselves to blame if they were raped, pestered sex workers with his medieval twaddle about redemption (his greatest publicity stunt was to get JP2 to kiss a Nigerian prostitute with AIDS) and had this to say about homosexuality:

«Le relazioni omosessuali sono contro natura e sono nocive al Bene della società… L’omosessualità è una deviazione. Se uno non lo cura è un vizio… (translation: Homosexual relationships are against nature and damage society. Homosexuality is a deviation. If it isn’t treated it becomes a vice).

If you speak Italian, you might find this interview instructive.

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2 Responses to Good riddance to…

  1. Erin O'Brien says:

    I don’t have to speak Italian to understand this guy’s message of hate.The devil sure does love to dress up like the Lord.

  2. Erin O'Brien says:

    We have our own special brand of homophobe here in the States.Ugh.

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