Well said!

Sometimes you read a response to idiocy that is so complete, so elegant, so conclusive that it makes your heart sing. Well, my heart sang out loud when I came across this comment to a post by a religious nutter from San Diego, who claims that the recent San Francisco fires were divine retribution for same-sex marriage legislation. I won’t tell you his name because he already brags about receiving over six thousand hits a day (although judging from the comments most of them are from people who intensely loathe the man). After all, as Joe.My.God says: “I read him so you don’t have to.”

If you think that the state of the world today has anything to do with some roundabout interpretation of Leviticus – congratulations, you’re right. In fact, if you go to pretty much any epoch in the entire span of human history, even those that predate Christ, I bet you can find SOME evidence that backs up the idea that the End Times are at hand.

If you’d expand your hilariously myopic view of reality, you’d see that, among many other things:

1. Fires are extremely common in Southern California, even ones of this magnitude. I’ll bet all of the past ones coincided with some sort of homosexual legislation, come to think of it. I bet they also coincided with a homosexual being discriminated against or being hurt in a hate crime. Which one is God punishing us for?

2. Homosexuals are everywhere. There is always SOME sort of Gay Agenda being enacted, be it anti-discrimination law or affirmative action, and this happens all across the nation – and indeed, the world. Why God would set San Diego on fire for a few days as a message to anyone regarding homosexuality implies that God is weak or stupid, or self-defeatist, none of which are possible.

3. Regarding the Coincidence post: Yes. Yes, it can be mere coincidence. That is exactly what it is. If you looked for the entire body of current events, you would see a whole hell of a lot that these fires coincided with beyond one or two points of political correctness. By whatever logic you arrived at your answers with, I could as easily blame these fires on the Red Sox winning the World Series. (God is omniscient, he can start the fires ahead of time to coincide with their coming back from a deficit against the Indians.)

Get over yourself. God isn’t punishing anyone for anything, because he doesn’t exist, and even if he did he wouldn’t bother killing and evicting innocent people – in his own house no less! – with a poorly-aimed fire because somebody, somewhere, is marrying men to each other. Your beliefs are utterly senseless, and you’re insane. Good day.

Percect, isn’t it? Thank you, Anonymous.

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