I know I should get worked up about this dreadful act of vandalism at the Trevi fountain, but I can’t. The red stuff thrown into the water is harmless, the man responsible claims to be a futurist, which these days is merely touching, and the act coincides (almost) with a massive demonstration to defend workers against punitively liberal labour legislation. Red flags in the streets, red water in the Trevi fountain. It’s the October revolution all over again.

And I think it looks fabulous.

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3 Responses to Red

  1. Ms Baroque says:

    Now, do you see? I posted only two days ago about how touching the Futurists were, and their “mouthpiece is a cerise magazine” it said. Red, even then!I agree, the fountain looks great. But how can legislation be “punitively liberal”? I don’t get it…

  2. It’s a zeitgeist thing. (Although it now appears the man responsible is actually a rather unpleasant right-wing extremist, well known to the police for less savoury acts in the past. Still, art is art.) Liberal as in allowing employers to do practically anything they want. Punitive as in not being an employer but an employee, to whom these things are done. Also a zeitgeist thing.

  3. Dale says:

    They should have let it run red a while, I thought it was pretty great myself.

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