Good riddance to…

…Leona Helmsley, the hatchet-faced parasite who said that paying taxes was for the ‘little people’ and left her dog $12 million. Maybe they’ll bag her ashes in one of those neat little sachets designed for pooches’ poo.

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2 Responses to Good riddance to…

  1. Chancelucky says:

    I sometimes wonder if she created the image on purpose. It just seemed impossible that anyone with half a brain would come across as that callous or mean and allow herself to be quoted.Anyway, I hope she’s in one of her own hotels in wherever they send you in the afterlife and the lack of maintenance causes the walls and ceilings to collapse on her over and over.

  2. Yes, there are reasons to wish for an afterlife, and what’s interesting is that they’re always vindictive! Post-mortem schadenfreude, I suppose you’d call it.

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