Les writers de Paris

Not really the work of writers at all (and maybe the term isn’t intended to cover this type of urban artist), but of illustrators, and looking as though they were all produced, in any case, by a single person (presumably M. Jef Aerosol), these three pieces of street art were seen within a hundred metres of one another in the rue Mouffetard area. Presumably stencils were used, which takes the spontaneity out of the whole business, but it’s hard not to enjoy them all the same, particularly the cheeky mooner at the top.

I’ve just done a little research, something I should have done earlier, and discovered that Jef Aerosol is actually a well-known artist with a CV as long as rue Mouffetard itself. If you’re as ignorant as I was until a few moments ago, you can find out more by going to his site. You’ll feel as ashamed as I did. I wonder if he’s as rich as Banksy. More to the point, I wonder who came first.

And if you have any ideas as to the significance of the rather disturbing image in the bottom photograph, I’d be interested to hear them.

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