She’s mad for Jacko…

If you’d like to know a bit more about a certain Denise Pfeiffer, media consultant to Silver Ring Thing (see previous post) and erstwhile lingerie model, click here.

Believe me, you won’t regret it. (And it’s worth taking a good look round the rest of the Ministry of Truth site as well.)

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2 Responses to She’s mad for Jacko…

  1. David Isaak says:

    That’s the oddest damned story I’ve ever read. A classic example of how fact, unlike fiction, doesn’t have to be feasible.I do have to say that I like the surname “Playfoot”, however. I’m going to use it in a novel one of these days.

  2. It’s a pity this isn’t fiction. Meanwhile, the girl who kicked the whole story off has since left the school, probably to become a crack whore, sorry, missionary in Africa…

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