Gay Pride 2007: The interview (part one)

This comes from Il Messaggero, the Rome-based national daily. I was interviewed at the beginning of the march yesterday and said an awful lot, as you can imagine. (If you can’t, just click on the label homophobia.) The comment quoted, which means “I feel threatened, a few years ago there was a greater sense of freedom”, was part of a larger attack on the impunity with which homophobic comments are made in Italy in ever increasing numbers, with no political response in favour of gay (human) rights, and the way this shameful silence chipped away at our hard-won social space. As it stands in the article, it sounds more whiny than I’d intended, above all since I’ve never felt particularly threatened on a personal level (although this may now change as a result of the article: I seem to be the only marcher whose surname and, in part, address has been provided in any of the three newspapers I’ve read today).

I particularly
like being described as colourful, happy and innocuous… as of course I am. Although I’m not quite sure about innocuous… I like to think I can be a little dangerous when the occasion demands. In any case, you can see for yourself in this photo, taken by Michaela. Thanks, Mike!)

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4 Responses to Gay Pride 2007: The interview (part one)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was there too. I am sorry we couldn’t meet. I hope you enjoyed better than me, I had to leave at 8.30, Ciao

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im francesco sorry i didn’t write my name on the first message

  3. I’m sorry we didn’t meet up too. To be honest, I didn’t manage to find half the people I hoped to see, which has its positive aspects – there were lots of people! – but was also a pity. But I did, as you see, speak to a Messaggero journalist. I asked her to try and make sure that the photos of the event reflected the range of the demonstrators (i.e. not only drag queens) and she, or someone, seems to have made an effort to do this.I’ve linked to your site, Francesco.

  4. I left around 8.30 too, Francesco. But I had a great time up to then…

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