Gay Pride 2007: Bears

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The most bear-faced (sorry) of all the many bears. There’s been an exponential increase in the bear category since 2000, as some of these photographs indicate. Cynically, this is a marketing miracle, in that it’s managed to transform overweight hairy men who look more like American rednecks than anything else into something worthy of desire on a massive scale. But it’s also a reminder that the movement is, as we used to say about the labour party, a broad church, with room for everyone. Which is far more important.

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1 Response to Gay Pride 2007: Bears

  1. Jake says:

    This guy with the mask is kind of gross, even for the majority of "bears". I think the hairy guy a picture below isnt too bad though ;)I would consider myself a "bear" (well, being only 22 … probably a "cub") both by looks any by my intrest (in men, as well as just my other intrests). I can't really explain why, but then again … I can't really explain why I like guys and not girls in the first place. Just always have.PS: The skinny, even if a bit built, hairless guys are about as unnatractive to me sexually as women are. Only more so if they also act like women. Fun to be around, and I have many "twink" friends … but wouldn't consider them for a date (if I was single and looking for dates). Some people probably think we are just "settling" for somone they are not attracted to (heck, that could be extended to all gay men), but it looks pretty obvious to me that our intrest is there and strong.

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