Non-literal geographies

Once again, thanks to Bits and Pieces for this.

The post says:

This canvas by artist Kim Dingle doesn’t look like a map, more like a herd of cows. But actually it’s a collection of maps. The artist asked teen-aged school kids in Las Vegas to draw their country in the shape they thought it had. It’s one of the strange maps in a book called ‘You Are Here’, which… collects unconventional maps.

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2 Responses to Non-literal geographies

  1. Chancelucky says:

    When I was a child, they used to tell us that the map of Italy looked like a boot with Sicily being a football that it was about to kick.With the recent epidemic of obesity in the US will we now be saying that America and Americans look like cows?

  2. I think this picture captures a sense of pioneer spirit. I used to love Rawhide as a child and it made me think of that. But obviously the fatty subtext is there as well!

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