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Mixed messages

A new TV ad for the Italian mineral water Ferrarelle features a pregnant woman. She’s drinking a glass of the water in question and as she drinks the action moves to the womb and we see the little hands of … Continue reading

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A question of emphasis

In the context of a long and fascinating piece on E.M. Forster’s attitude to fiction in the LRB (10 May 2007), Frank Kermode comments: Discordances between the order of story and the order of the narrative can be methodically and … Continue reading

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Suffer the little children…

A parish priest in Pescara, Don Lino Cisotto, has refused first communion to a nine-year-old autistic child on the grounds that he’s incapable of understanding the full significance of the Eucharist. I would have taken this as a sign of … Continue reading

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Family Day: statistics

According to research conducted by Vincenzo Mastronardi of Rome’s La Sapienza, a murder is committed within the walls of the Italian family home every other day (to be precise, 174 in Italy in 2005). The most murderous group is composed … Continue reading

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Ever since I came across W.H. Auden’s commonplace book, the name of which I forget, I’ve been collecting extracts that appeal to me in one way or another. It’s the most impersonal, and knowing, form of autobiography there is, and … Continue reading

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A flame that believes in everythingcould burn the world, its house,the husk of wood round the heart.Tinder that sucks up that moisture is a lie. It would never take fire.A flame that believes in everythinghas its own explaining to do.The … Continue reading

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Revealed truths 1 and 2

Fundamentalists in Israel have complained about the use of cotton and linen in the same garment, as this is contrary to Talmudic law. The clothing retailers Zara, with 30 stores in Israel, have complied and removed the garment.An Egyptian theologian … Continue reading

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