Naughty Fausto!

The Families Association Forum is frothing at the mouth about the fact that Italy’s Speaker at the House of Deputies, Fausto Bertinotti, friend of Castro, Carlos and, er, the Dalai Lama and just back from a rejuvenating spiritual break on Mount Athos, has decided to support Gay Pride. Their gripe is that he refused to take part in Family Day, which apparently disqualifies him from participating in anything else, ever, especially if it’s gay friendly.

I’ve been thinking how odd it is that, among these people who presumably use reason in other areas of their daily lives, the idea of family should be seen as inimical to the idea of being gay. Where do they imagine we come from? Hordes of turkey-baster wielding lesbians in Amsterdam or San Francisco? Stem cell manipulation in some illicit Scandinavian laboratory? Parthenogenesis? (If that’s what it’s called when you spring fully armed from your father’s thigh.)

Doesn’t it occur to them that we’re as much a product of the heterosexual family as anyone else? Doesn’t it occur to them that most of us, without heterosexual families, wouldn’t exist? Doesn’t it occur to them that, despite their efforts, many of us are still loved and cherished by the families that made us,a nd to which we continue to belong?

It’s as though I’d somehow lost my human status, not only as a complete, fallible, reasoning being capable of love, but as a son and brother and nephew and cousin (and dog owner) too. But these people aren’t really interested in families at all. They’re too busy getting hot under the collar about what other people do in bed. They’re too busy telling other people what to do.

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2 Responses to Naughty Fausto!

  1. francesco says:

    I’ve put your blog in my links..thanx!

  2. Francesco, let me have the address of your blog, so that I can link to you!

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