Moral relativism

The Secretary of the CEI (Italian Bishops’ Council) has just announced — from a pulpit, no less — that abortion, euthanasia and moral relativism are the enemies of Christianity. He went on to explain that what he actually means by moral relativism is gay couples. Not gays. Gay couples.

You can’t win, can you? They used to complain about us fucking in toilets. Now we’re being accused of living together in a monogamous fashion, respecting each other’s needs, supporting each other through difficult times, expressing our love in a thousand non-erotic ways.

No wonder they’re shitting themselves. No wonder these life-hating, mean-spirited, sexually obsessed bigots the Vatican hierarchy and its political branch, the CEI, are getting worried.

Next thing you know we’ll be leaving gift lists at the local Ikea.

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3 Responses to Moral relativism

  1. francesco says:

    Thanx for writing your blog… it is very interesting to see comments from a foreign person about our absurd situation in Italy regarding gay issues…I am going to open a blog soon as well…and sometimes I will talk about my impressions from a gay point of view

  2. Thank you, Francesco. I’ve lived in Italy for over 30 years (and I’ve been living with an Italian for the last 21 years), so I care very much about what happens here. I look forward to seeing your blog. Let me know when it’s up.

  3. francesco says:

    I will open the blog in a few weeks… this is happening because I will publish soon a book and my small publishing house requires its writers to open a blog to get themselves known and to wrote a s much as they can. And that is what I already wanted anyway. My book is a collection of reports written fron 2005 to 2007 from Dublin, where I used to live and work. I hope I can go on writing short stories too I didn’t know you have been living so much time in Italy. Well, it is still interesting the way you can view our society and the present situation regarding gay issues. I hope your blog could be read more. We are living a troubling moment, but it could be just a moment of change for the better…Good luck and thank you again from Viareggio, Tuscany!

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