Elton speaks out

Threatened by homophobes in Tobago, Elton John has been saying some important things recently. You can find out more in this article from today’s Independent, but I’d like to draw your attention to this bit:

Mr Hernandez has publicly accused a congressman from the opposition Christian Democratic Party, Robert Parker, who is the main champion of the amendment proposal, of fomenting new violence against homosexuals.

He has also laid blame on the Catholic Church, noting that the Bishop of El Salvador, Monsignor Saenz Lacalle, has referred to gay people as “sick” and “perverted”. He claims that the Catholic charity Caritas has a policy of not extending a hand of help to anyone in El Salvador who is homosexual.

Is this true? Maybe someone who knows how Caritas operates here in Italy can shed some light on the matter?

And if you’d like to know more about the courageous Mr Hernandez and many others like him, click on Doug Ireland’s wonderful blog, Direland.

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