Follow the yellow brick road, but not to Tobago

This comes from popbitch and seems an appropriate appendix to the previous post:

Next month’s Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago features a headline appearance by Elton John. Not all islanders approve. Breakfast TV show Rise & Shine this week had a phone-in about Elton. Presenters refused to condemn a caller who thought Elton should be subjected to earthly hellfire for his “poisonous” lifestyle, while another asked, “Is it your understanding that he is planning a hideous nude gay orgy on stage or in private during his visit?” Callers complaining about the homophobia were told: “Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.”

Now a Tobago lawyer has unearthed a section of the Trinidad and Tobago immigration code which bans self-professed homosexuals from entering the country, and a Church crusade is underway to try and make the government enforce it. Music fans on the island are hoping Elton manages to get through this gauntlet of hate…they say they’d rather LL Cool was banned from the jazz festival instead.

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2 Responses to Follow the yellow brick road, but not to Tobago

  1. Chancelucky says:

    Is it true that they’re bringing in George Michael to replace him now? Other than the obvious bigotry, if they start banning gay artists and musicians in Tobago, they’re going to ban half the performers, paintings, books etc. that have ever gotten any acclaim. Even Jesus was a confirmed bachelor according to the Church last seen out to dinner with 12 guys in gowns.

  2. If they really do manage to ban Elton John, I’d like to think that the other performers would pull out in protest.George Michael? What about Boy George?

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