God’s ferret strikes again

Cardinal Ruini appears to have made use of L’Avvenire, the Vatican newspaper, in his latest offensive against civil unions. An unsigned editorial (but undoubtedly the ferret’s work) threatens that the kind of legal recognition of unmarried couples likely to be proposed by the government would be a “watershed that will inevitably weigh on the future of Italian politics”.

The editorial declares “Non possumus”, a formula apparently last used in 1860 by Pius IX to reject the unification of Italy and the usurpation of the church’s authority. If this isn’t interference in the internal political affairs of a neighbouring state I don’t know what is. Rosy Bindi, Minister of Families and co-drafter of the bill, said, “I don’t speak Latin.” Unfortunately, a lot of other people in parliament do.

In the meantime, Cardinal Poletto of Turin claims that the new law is the devil’s work, announcing that “there is no doubt the devil exists.” One of the ways in which he works, apparently, is to induce people to sin by means of legislation decided to “tear the family apart.”


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